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More from new singer Virginia

One more sample of Virginia’s golden voice. Sorry for the sloppy guitar intro, but hey, that’s why we call it “practice”. 😉 This is a great but criminally unknown Nat King Cole song – I couldn’t even find a chord chart for it online or through any sheet music store and had to transcribe it myself! It’s a work in progress, but Virginia has got it down and I can’t resist sharing how well she sings it. Aloha everyone!

Please welcome our new singer – Virginia!

I’m pleased to announce we have our new singer, her name is Virginia and she is amazing! Here is a small sample from our practice today, only our second practice and the first time we’ve played this song. We will be taking a break through most of June, but after that we will come back strong and post as many recordings and videos (real videos of us performing, not still pictures) as we can! We hope to be gigging by the fall, and I hope everyone has a great summer!

New singer on the way

Hi everyone! Mike here, and I want to bid a warm farewell to Katrina on vocals, as she’s had to leave the act due to family obligations. Katrina is a wonderful singer and a good friend, and I hope to play with her again someday.  Mahalo Katrina, it was a real privilege to play with you, and I wish you the very best!  In the meantime, I am searching for a new singer, and I have several excellent candidates that I’m trying out over the next two weeks.  Please be patient as we ramp back up, there will be new recordings and videos on the way soon, and I hope to be playing gigs this summer.  I have posted a few more tracks that Katrina and I recorded together, and I hope you enjoy them.  Thank you for your continued support, and I will continue to update our status as I look for our new singer.  Aloha!